Tamano City Fireworks Festival


The long-awaited Tamano City Fireworks Festival!!

Tamano City is a small port city located in southern Okayama.

At this Festival, you can witness thousands of powerful and fascinating fireworks launch from the sea level up close.

As each firework launch in the dark, a beam of light shoots straight up towards the sky.

And for that split second when the light disappears, people hold their breaths and anticipate what they will see next.

What color, how loud, and how bright will it be?

As soon as the firework bursts with a boom, the air is filled with cheers, applause, and excitement you can only experience there.

At a Japanese fireworks festival like this, you will often see young ladies wearing yukata, or summer-time kimono.

Seeing the fireworks with a girlfriend in yukata is perhaps the ultimate summer dream for young Japanese men everywhere.




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