Tamago kake gohan


Japanese often pair dishes like gyudon and sukiyaki with raw eggs as a topping or dipping sauce. Another way eggs are enjoyed is on a bowl of piping hot rice with a drip of soy sauce, which is then mixed together with chopsticks so to evenly coat the rice with egg. This simple dish is called tamago kake gohan (egg over rice), a dish popular as breakfasts, since it can be prepared effortlessly and eaten quickly. People gather from all over Japan to get a taste of this simple yet exquisite dish served in a shop in Misaki-cho, Okayama.


You might be wondering, why would visitors travel all the way to Misaki just for a bowl of egg over rice? The rice used in this shop is produced from a rice terrace in the Misaki area, which is listed as one of the “100 best rice terraces in Japan” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, credited for its beauty and well-keptness. The eggs, on the other hand, are laid by chickens that are raised on an organic diet. A dish that combines ingredients of superb quality allows a peace of mind for people, attracting many customers. What makes this shop prominent is not only the deep flavor of the nutrition-packed eggs, but also the fact that you can have free unlimited rice refills. Apparently, there was a customer who had as much as six bowls of rice in one sitting.


There are various – almost ritualistic – ways in which people prepare their tamago kake gohan. Some put two eggs directly on the rice before mixing it altogether, while others place just the yolk on rice then mix it in gently, and some beat the egg thoroughly before pouring over the rice. Which method would you choose for your tamago kake gohan?


I hope you come and try the tamago kake gohan in Misaki, a dish of carefully selected ingredients and rich nutrition.



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