On 12 September 2015, after going to a hakama fitting, we went to have Ebimeshi for lunch.


Ebimeshi is a speciality dish of Okayama. Apparently it is a menu item that was originally made and sold at just one place in Tokyo. At that time the dish was not very famous, but one of the creators thought very strongly that it was delicious. They began selling it in Okayama where it apparently became famous. And that is why it is known as a speciality dish of Okayama.


When I saw Ebimeshi for the first time I thought “What is this black rice?” But the taste was not too strong, it has a very nice aroma, and is very easy to eat.


Ebimeshi is a type of Pilaf made with prawns. Apparently it is made using demi-glace sauce, tomato sauce, and caramel sauce, and served with finely sliced cabbage and shredded omelette on top.


This is one of my favourite dishes, and I always eat it all when I order it.


The restaurant we went to serves the Ebimeshi together with salad, one other side dish, and an umeboshi on top. I don’t like sour food, so I don’t eat umeboshi, but my husband loves them. Umeboshi are called pickled plums in English, and are another food eaten in Japan.


If you visit Okayama I recommend trying Ebimeshi at least once. While it’s a different country’s cooking, you can only eat it in Okayama, so I think it will be a good memory of your visit. Also, the dish is not very expensive, so I highly recommend it to tourists and students.


You can find Ebimeshi in restaurants in Okayama City, Kurashiki City, Kasaoka City, Setouchi City, and Niimi City.




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