Miyama Park: Good place for hiking!


You must be having difficult times due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
At this particular time, we try to get exercise by going hiking to some quiet places on weekends.We went to Miyama park the other day.
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We used to play with our children in a park just around the entrance, but on this day, we went further into a hiking course that takes us all around the area.
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We worried that the children might get exhausted on the way at the beginning.
It turned out, however, that we all enjoyed the 2-hour hiking.
Halfway up the hill, just about 40-minite walk from the starting point, there was an open space, where we had a little rest.
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We then re-started and enjoyed flowers, birds, water birds and fish, and also chatting on the way for the latter half of the hiking.
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The hiking course was surrounded by not only cherry blossoms but azalea flowers and camellia flowers, being a nice feast for our eyes.
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I assume that the outbreak of COVID-19 has been making you feel dispirited or depressed, and afraid to go outside.You might also be worried about lack of exercise.

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I believe Miyama park is a right place for you to go to dispel all these problems.
After taking a good walk around the park, you can look around some fresh seafood stalls or agricultural product sales stores.Eating an ice cream could be a nice little present for yourself after a long walk.
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Just for your information, there is a dog run, which is another appealing point for those who have dogs.

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