Bitchu Matsuyama Castle sea of clouds!


It’s finally the season to see the Bitchu Matsuyama Castle sea of clouds !
You’ll have to get up early if you want to see the sea of clouds, as it appears at dawn
and disperses during the morning. Surrounded by a wide layer of clouds, the authentic
keep of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle seems to float in the sky, creating a fantastic scenery.
Take one of your best pictures from the Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Observatory, located
high in the moutain.
The sea of clouds has a high chance of appearing on mornings following a clear night,
when the weather is good and the variation in temperature between the morning and
afternoon is substantial. Keep an eye on the weather forecast !
You can see the sea of clouds until early April !
Caution !
– On your way to the observatory, you might cross paths with Japanese wild monkeys !
They’re usually peaceful but can be aggressive if people approach, stare or show them
food. If you see a monkey, please stay calm and don’t pay attention to it.
– During the winter the road may freeze, and it may snow. Please be careful.
How to get there :
By shared taxi :
(only from October 1st to March 31st)
From JR Bitchu Takahashi Station, you can take a shared taxi to the observatory.
Reservations are possible until 5pm the day prior to your visit by calling the Takahashi
City Tourist Center (0866-22-8666, open from 9 :00 am to 5pm), or directly going to the
Tourist Center, on the Takahashi Library’s first floor (the entrance is located in the JR
Bitchu Takahashi Station).
Fare : 2000 yens per person for a round-trip ticket
Timetable :
Bitchu Takahashi Station → Observatory
(Departure at 7 : 30 am) (Arrival at 7 : 50)
(Departure at 8 : 00 am) (Arrival at 8 : 20)
Observatory → Bitchu Takahashi Station
(Departure around 8 : 20 am) (Arrival around 8 : 40)
(Departure around 8 : 50 am) (Arrival around 9 : 10)
By your own car :
You can search for « Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Observatory » on Google Maps.
Close to the observatory, a large parking lot is available.

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