The Royal Cherry Blossom viewing experience at Tsuyama Castle


The castles around Japan is like a doorway from Modern day Japan to the rustic yet beautiful Japanese history. There are many beautiful castles in the Okayama Prefecture and one of them is listed amongst three major hilltop castle – The Tsuyama Castle.
Tsuyama Castle and its adjacent Kakuzan park is a major cherry blossom viewing location in the Okayama prefecture.
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Adorned with more than 5,000 cherry blossom trees in the castle garden and the park, this place looks like a pink heaven when the cherry blossom is at its peak and that is also the time for cherry blossom festival in this area. You can also witness some special parades by town’s residents adorned in traditional costumes of Royal families, samurai and the likes.
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If you manage to arrive early in the morning, you can save a spot for yourself and your friends and family in the castle park for cherry blossom viewing and picnic. There are many street foods stalls available around the park during the festival.
And as the gentle breeze blows, the sakura petals will fall from the trees making even more magical and fairytale-like.
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Also, don’t forget to pick a Tsuyama castle souvenir on your way out. We got ourselves a postcard to send back home
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