Ikurado Cave


Ikurado Cave is a popular limestone cave in Niimi City, approximately one and a half hours northwest of Okayama City by car or train (one hour to JR Niimi Stn, then 10 minutes Ikura Station).

With a total length of 1,200m and a 90m difference from bottom to top, it takes about 40 minutes to make your way through the cave. If you would like to take it slow or take pictures, you should give yourself about one hour to explore.
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The trip involves a lot of walking, climbing stairs, and watching your head, so while it might be tough for some, it is absolutely worth it. There is an abundance of different areas throughout, and the colours are just amazing. Not to mention the spectacular scenery outside of the cave.

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Ikurado Cave is open every day of the year, according to their official website. Entrance is 1000 yen, 800 for junior high school students, and 500 yen for younger children. Open 8:30-17:00 (last entry 16:30).


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