Makido Cave


Located in Niimi, western Okayama Prefecture, Makido is a limestone cave full of unique spaces and an arrangement of beautiful, changing colours that truly create an atmosphere unlike anything else (not to mention all the great photo opportunities!). The characters used in the name mean ‘full of’, ‘strange/unconventional’ and ‘cave’, which could be interpreted as being a cave with otherworldly charm.

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While close to Ikurado Cave (also in Niimi), Makido is much easier to explore. However, at a total length of approximately 450m, you should still allow yourself at least 40 minutes.

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Inside the cave, which remains a comfortable temperature of 15 degrees Celsius year-round, you can observe many formations that have taken years to develop, which are also lit up in bright colours.

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Access: Approximately 1.5-hour drive from Okayama City or 40-minute bus from Ikura Station (next to Ikurado Cave). Open 8:30-17:00. Entry: 1000 yen.

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