Symbol Road and Nagi River, Nagi Town


Symbol Road and Nagi River are some of the less well-known places in Okayama Prefecture, but everyone around Nagi (northeast Okayama Prefecture) is very familiar with them and for good reason.


Symbol Road, which runs through the town centre and in front of the local art museum (Nagi MOCA), leads to Mount Nagi (1255m) which overlooks the town from the north.
Although the road itself effectively leads nowhere [those wanting to climb Mount Nagi should start from the official trekking points), there are several great times to visit throughout the year, and the lack of traffic means you can easily park on the side of the road for some photos or simply to enjoy all of the open space.
Nagi River is a small river within a minute’s walk of Symbol Road.

In general, there are five great times to visit:
Late-April: Nanohana (Canola Flower) Festival, around April 20 each year. You will be completely surrounded by the bright yellow canola flower fields (as seen in the top photo), can enjoy some stalls with local foods and other products, and even take a ride on a Japanese Self Defense Force truck thanks to the Nihonbara training base in Nagi.

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Early-June: Fireflies by Nagi River. Great for seeing fireflies for the first time or for taking photos due to the lack of crowds.
Most nights they start to come out approximately 7:30 pm and are gone by 9:30 pm. There are also some hydrangea gardens closeby.

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Summer: Enjoy the blue skies, green surrounds, and cool breezes.

Winter: Snow! Although it is very rare for it to snow in the southern parts of Okayama Prefecture, Nagi gets completely covered in snow. Join the locals in making a snowman or snow angels in front of the Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art.

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