Okayama in autumn: Bitchu-Matsuyama Castle


Autumn in north of Okayama Prefecture is the perfect time to take out your travel shoes and start exploring.
To reach Bitchu-Matsuyama castle, you have to board train from Okayama station on JR Hakubi line towards Bitchu-Takahashi station.
If you can get out of bed early and reach by 7am, you can witness the unkai or ‘sea of clouds’ from November to February in this region.
From the station you can either take a bus the Youme Town Shuttle Bus or Takahashi City Loop Bus and get down at Matsuyamajo Tojoguchi or Matsuyamajo Tozanguchi bus stop respectively.
From here the castle is about 60 mins hike.

We would recommend hiking from the station to the castle top if you are looking for budget travel and dose of nature on the way.
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You might as well make some feline friends on the way
The view from the top is really beautiful especially as the autumn colors fill the valley below.
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There are no restaurants in the castle top. However there are benches where you can sit and enjoy your picnic basket if you can carry them with you.
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Nothings beats a meal with such a view from the top.
The Bitchu-Takahashi station is one of a kind for it has a big library where you can enjoy reading, relaxing and sipping coffee from nearby Starbucks.

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