Japanese restaurant, Ishokuya “Hisa”


Ishokuya “Hisa” is located slightly north from the busy area of the historic Bikan district.
Hisa RFG2
Lunch menu “Tempura Zen” (1500 JPY) is served freshly fried tempura into the first half and the second half, so you can enjoy warm and delicious tempura until the end.
Hisa RFG2-4
The restaurant has the feel of a hideway with a beautiful interior and traditional Japanese decor.
Hisa RFG2-3
It prides itself in providing quality ingredients, and also in efficient and friendly service of staffs (Omotenashi).
Hisa RFG2-5
This restaurant has a wide range of sake from Okayama origin to ones from all over Japan.
Also prepares unusual distilled spirits (Shochu)and various types of plum wine.
Hisa RFG2-1
Lunch recommended limited courses
“Matsu” 1500 JPY
“Tempura Zen” 1500 JPY

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