Yakult Factory Tour in Wake


Located at a 40 minute drive from Okayama city, Wake bottling plant of Yakult was there.
After confirming our reservation (advance reservation is required) at the main gate, a guidance of this tour was given on the first floor where various containers of Yakult sold around the world were displayed.
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There were also areas for photography and some games related to their products to play on the second floor.
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At 11:00AM, the tour started. At the beginning, informative animated video about Yakult was shown while we tasted bottles of it. It was a half an hour tour around the factory with a friendly tour guide explaining their high-tech production process through the glass-walled viewing gallery.
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Please take a note that taking photos is not allowed during the tour. It was very nice to have learned how this familiar drink is produced.
The tour ended with souvenir including a carton of their drinking product.
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After the tour, we enjoyed lunch under the sun at The Wake Kotsu Park nearby.
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Interested? Why not visit there to enjoy learning about Yakult with your friends and family.

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