Yumeji Art Museum


If you appreciate the elegant beauty of women wearing traditional Japanese kimono, I strongly recommend that you see the charming bijin-ga created by Yumeji Takehisa. I once received a Yumeji wrapping cloth as a souvenir. Upon unfolding it, the design was the “Tatsutahime” bijin-ga. With a brilliant red kimono and an elegant S-shaped pose, the face of Tatsutahime carries a tint of red, and is very beautiful in appearance. Drawn by that beauty, I visited the Yumeji Art Museum. Here I was able to view aspects of the artist’s life with my own eyes, as well as enjoy the traits of Japanese women as they were during the end of the Taisho period through to the beginning of the Meiji period.

Although the gallery itself is small, it has an abundance of works displayed, and I feel that it is worth visiting. Without realising, you will stop and be drawn into and fascinated by the displayed works. I was also able to feel joy and intimacy when viewing those works which also featured the poems of Li Po and Du Fu. The works displayed within the museum are rotated regularly, and I feel that you do not grow tired of them, no matter how many times you come, as a result. There are also many souvenirs available in the cute little store with a small entrance.



From Okayama Station, ride the Okayama tramway towards Higashiyama for 5 minutes. Get off at Shiroshita and walk for 15 minutes.
From Okayama Station, ride the bus towards Korakuen for 20 minutes. Get off at Hourai-bashi Bridge・Yumeji Art Museum-mae.
About 10 minutes away from Okayama Station by taxi. 30 minutes by car from Okayama Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway.






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