Vegetable dish ・ Kaiseki cuisine FUYAHEI


The restaurant is nearby Okayama Prefectural Library and Hayashibara Museum of Art and located on the right south side of the moat of Okayama Castle.

It has picturesque view from its windows so you can be fully satisfied with the view eating tasty Kaiseki cuisine.

The tastes of the dishes are exquisite, and the dishes make the most of the original flavor of high-quality ingredients.

FUYAHEI has very long history and it has been run since 1636. It is a 400-year long-established restaurant. It is the best place where family can relax and enjoy historical Japanese cuisine and the view.

We recommend making reservation in advance.
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Vegetable dish ・ Kaiseki cuisine FUYAHEI

Vegetable dish ・ Kaiseki cuisine FUYAHEI Facebook

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