Autumn Sake Festival


Smoke from grilled mackerel pike rise up towards the clear autumn sky… Sake Festival is here!


Grilled mackerel pike is a delicious side dish that pairs perfectly with sake; its exceptional flavor and the enticing scent of sake fill your mouth and excite your palate.


After purchasing exchange tickets at the entrance, I wander around to find a variety of sake and side dishes to enjoy.


There are so many to choose from. For drinks, there are Okayama beers and variety of sake. There is also an extensive selection of food, ranging from Korean japchae, Iranian kabob, to beef skewers made with Niimi city’s specialty beef, senyagyu.


Passing the time with delicious dishes and explicit sake is a pure bliss. To top it off, there is even a live jazz performance.


How about exchanging cups of sake with someone you love under the autumn sky of Okayama?


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