Yakage Fruit-topia


Fruit-topia is located at about 40-minute drive from Okayama.
A stretch of greensward, a playground, and café for meals or desserts are surrounded by the mountains.
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You can get vegetables, fruit and specialties all grown in this area.
In the café, you can enjoy a fruit parfait with locally grown strawberries, sitting at a table in a terrace looking at the mountains through the window glass. This could be the best relaxing time.
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Children can have fun in the playground, or get harvesting experience (such as sweet potatoes digging, and strawberry-, Japanese pear- or grape-picking).

Barbecue is also one of the options.
If you are interested, please go to the following website.
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Lush greenery spreading in front of you can heal your eyestrain or exhausted mind.
You really shouldn’t miss this Fruit-topia.
(The ice cream cone is a must!! It is especially rich in flavor of milk.)
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And I also hope you have some more time to visit Yakage Sports Park, which I introduced last year.
Please visit the following websites for your reference.
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