Let’s brush up well at “Beauty Room”!


Have you ever known that Aeon Okayama has what’s called “Beauty room” on the third floor? I had heard of that, but had never tried. So, I went there for the first time at last.
Several kinds of beauty equipment such as hair dryers, curling irons, or facial massage tools, and newly introduced cosmetics are all there, and you can use six items out of those for thirty minutes.
For my case, hair curing tools, powder, mascara, eye shadow, lip care products, body powder were my own choices. I made the best of those items to make myself look fashionable to my heart’s content. I did like the mascara, which I am going to buy soon.
As you can see, this is the place where you can try the new products. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to see whether those new items are really for you or not.
Any adults with WAON card can enter the place for free.
Ladies! Why don’t you drop in at this Beauty Room on the third floor in Aeon Mall?

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