Joyful Park


After one-hour and a half-drive from Okayama City, you can get out of the car to find yourself standing in the middle of Hiruzen Highlands. You just cannot help taking a moment for deep breathing.
With Houki-fuji mountain on your back, a magnificent view of the highlands is just in front of you.

In the Joyful Park, an absolutely thrilling roller coaster ride and a Ferris wheel-ride providing a spectacular scenery are highly recommended. Being located in the northern part of Okayama prefecture, Hiruzen is still in the middle of the fully-blooming cherry blossom season even during the Golden Week while it is already over in Okayama City by that time of the year.

Hiruzen Kogen Center has a restaurant inside, where you can enjoy a variety of dishes: ordinal Japanese meals, Hiruzen Yakisoba (fried noodles), juicy mutton barbecue in a Mongolian style. For your choice of dessert, ice cream made from jersey cow’s milk is a must. The rich milk taste will fulfill the whole your mouth.
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Usual dairy produce such as cheese, milk and yogurt are all available at the shop. Furthermore, sweets like cheese cake, milk biscuits or chocolates made from their dairy produce are also available for your souvenirs.
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You can try some of them to choose the ones you like the best for your souvenir, which is one of the most enjoyable moments of your trip.
HP address of Joyful Park at Hiruzen Kogen Center

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