Tsuji Honten


Gozenshu, one of the representatives of Okayama-made sake, is characterized by its clear-cut taste.
The brewery has a long history of sake brewing since its foundation in 1804.
There is an attractive package of different types of Gozenshu to see the differences in their tastes.
Since they have a female Toji at the moment, they also provide a variety of sake with lovely labels and tastes which are attractive to female customers.
“Sakura Horori,” in particular, has a gentle taste with a slightly sweet flavor.
“Amazake,” a sweet drink made from fermented sake lees, is also popular among female customers, and tastes good.

Columns and beams used for the building of Tsuji Honten clearly presents its long history, and makes you feel the atmosphere otherwise impossible to feel in this contemporary era. Anyone who has interests in history as well as in sake will be able to deepen your historical insights from the comments or explanation from the staff.

Tsuji Honten was once used as a location site for a film entitled “The 48th: Tora-san to the Rescue.”

HP address of Sake Brewery Tsuji Honten

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