A Self-Serve Udon Shop


The Ario Shopping Center, which is directly attached to Kurashiki Station, not only has a shopping outlet and a spacious park, but also an Udon shop that many foreigners would likely enjoy trying.
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The Udon shop is located on the 1st floor of Ario. After ordering your bowl of noodles, the staff cook your noodles in a central kitchen, with no windows or walls, so that customers can see what’s happening. As you line up and receive your freshly cooked noodles, you choose your choice of broth and toppings (e.g., wasabi, kelp, ginger, Tempura crumbs), and eat your noodles the way you want to. The flavor and fun at this shop are fantastic.

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One other place I’d like to introduce is the AT Family Zone, located inside the Food Court area, on the 2nd floor of Ario. It’s an area where kids can play to their hearts’ content and people can enjoy the pleasant design, which was constructed using Kojima Jeans materials. The desserts here are also delicious. I wholeheartedly recommend this area to anyone.
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