Frog Catching Experience in Japan


There are public community centers in Japan, called “kouminkan”, where people gather for local activities.

On October 6, 2018 at the Okanishi community center, locals gathered to catch frogs and other wild species to learn more about them. Both children and adults are free to sign up.
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We enjoyed a breezy 30 minute bike ride from Okayama station to the designated rice fields, that sunny Saturday morning. There, we were able to catch and observe the Daruma pond frog, a unique frog species of Japan.
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Participants spread out through the rice fields to catch various animals and paid special attention to the tagging of the Daruma pond frog. They tagged them with numbered chips in order to distinguish the Daruma frog from other species.
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It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about nature and local species. There are many types of similar events happening in community centers across Japan. So please check with your local community centers and try out these fun activities.  
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