NHK at Okayama station


The Land of Sunshine.
Standing at the East entrance of Okayama Station, you can see BIG CAMERA, Don Quijote, AEON Mall, Takashimaya department store, and Ichibangai (underground shopping street) all around you, which are eye-catching to tourists.
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Things around the West entrance, however, are not really known. The area is relatively quiet compared to the East side. You will see small cafes or restaurants and rather unique shops along Hokancho shopping street, all making the area very “Japanese.” There is an international exchange center called Okayama International Exchange Center, where you can find various information. It also provides opportunities to join Japanese lessons or some international exchange events.
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I visited NHK, connected via the walkway bridge to the station. If you go upstairs, you can watch an actual TV recording. And you can also read out the news before the camera as if you were a newscaster, and the staff even let you check yourself how it is recorded.
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There are character dolls displayed from a popular children’s program, which are sure to entertain children visitors. Play-space for children, picture-spots, and the coloring and stamping area will definitely attract any visitors with children.
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