Yamashita Shuzou Doppokan


Yamashita Shuzou Doppokan is found near the tram stop Nishigawa Ryokudou Koen, just one stop away from Okayama station.

At a restaurant called Shusei No Kagayaki, you can order a variety of Yamashita Shuzou products, such as craft beer, sake, and wine.
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As sake brewers they, unsurprisingly, carefully research snacks and appetizers that match well with alcohol in order to create great menus.

Having just opened in 2017, the inside of the building is beautiful.
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The workers want their customers to gain more knowledge and awareness about sake, so they can bring you to observe their brewery if you reserve ahead of time. So please go check it out. They will very kindly show you around the place.
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The brewery has such a wide selection of delicious sake, that you will no doubt have a difficult time choosing the bottle you want. The employees there are all very kind and informative, so they can help you choose the right sake for your tastes.

There are various flavors of their Okayama Doppokan craft beer, so they will make excellent Okayama souvenirs for friends back home.

It’s recommended that you make reservations for the restaurant and brewery, in case it’s a busy day.

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