Narutaki Nature Park


This park is located 30 minutes north from Okayama Airport, and looks like ravines in South Korea.
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This is my first visit to a ravine in Japan. I went there in a very hot summer day, but just a look at it made me feel cool. There is barbecue equipment available, so all you have to prepare is meat, charcoal, a hot plate or grill in order to enjoy Yakiniku especially tasty in this incredible landscape. It costs 1000 yen to use the equipment for 3 hours. You can also have some rest in a bungalow.
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You can play in the water, looking up the waterfall, and also receive some therapeutic effects from the forest.
It is said that the autumn leaves are really beautiful. So everyone, why don’t you go and enjoy the nature there with your friends or families before the winter comes?
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