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About 5-minute Tram ride from Okayama station will take you to a shopping mall called CRED.
There are some clothing shops on the first floor, and the third floor is for some fabrics and cloth to sell.

Today I would like to introduce “Science Trick Park” on the second floor. Admission costs 400 yen for an adult, which is discountable to half with downloaded CRED application.
Adults as well as children can enjoy a different world with a power of illusion.

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The event hall is not so big that one or two hours are enough for you to fully enjoy the activities.
You can have an opportunity to feel as if you were walking on a rope bridge.
Or you can draw pictures with lights and look into a mirror which reflects your movements but inconsistent with your real movements.
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And there is a water tap floating above with the water flowing over.
You might find a ball popping up breaking through the wall. I believe you will have enjoyable and somehow unusual experiences.
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