Japanese stationary and sundry items’ shop


This is a paradise full of beautiful sundry items that are carefully-made with a real Japanese flavor.

雑貨1 雑貨2

MUJI shop is on the fourth floor of Okayama Loft. This shop has something different from other shops. Here you can make and enjoy a cup of coffee for yourself, and buy your choice of sweets to taste for your relaxing time right in the shop. Customers can do both: shopping and relaxing, making it the best place for tourists.

店の様子1 店の様子2 衣料品 家具 食品コーナー1 食品コナー2

Particularly in August, they display various types of art work and some purchasable handmade items at the center of the shop. And there is some space especially for kids, where they can draw and paint to create their original badge. Different kinds of books are also available. This is the place where any people, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy themselves. You can do shopping as well as have relaxing time.

イベント様子2 イベント様子 子どもの遊び場1 子ども遊び場2

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