Kanba Falls


One of the major tourist attractions in Maniwa is the Kanba Waterfall. At 110 meters tall and 20 meters wide, it is one of the largest waterfalls in Japan. Famed for being in the top 100 must see waterfall list of Japan, Kanba Falls is well worth the 300 yen entrance fee. If one is lucky (or unlucky) you may see some monkeys near the waterfall, bathing and eating.
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Be careful of using Google Maps or car Navi to the Kanba Falls, as they will guide you to the top of the waterfall. Be sure to take a left as you see Ken’s Cafe (and NOT a right).
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A sidepath on the way to the Kanba Falls leads to the Oni Cave, or Ogre Hole. There is a relatively steep stone path that leads up to it. If you are faint of heart of not used to exercise, you may reconsider going up! The cave is a unique sight and worth exploring. However, be careful as it is dark and water drips from the stalactites.
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