Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter Japanese food


This restaurant seems to have been just renovated. The wood materials create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. You can relax and enjoy their Japanese dishes in this renewed and clean space.

The restaurant is well received, and crowded particularly at the lunch hours. I highly recommend you make a reservation if you have already fixed the date and time.

The seats at tables are on the second floor. The wooden floor feels really nice, ensuring the customers the relaxing time there.

Among their lunch menus, Shokado-bento and Sakura-sou Gozen are most popular, for 1,300 yen and for 1,600 yen respectively.
You will be pleased to see the combination of Japanese-style beautiful small dishes.

I may add to say that they serve warm cups of tea for free together with the dishes, and this tea tastes very nice every time I visit there. Some other Japanese customers also said the same.

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