Yumeji Seika


A 10 minute drive from Oku station, in Okayama prefecture, is the Takehisa Yumeji Seika, or birthplace.
For those unfamiliar with Takehisa Yumeji, he was an influential Japanese artist of the Taisho period.
His unique blend of western and Japanese aesthetics, as well as his quirky personality, were quite popular with artistic minds of the time.
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Though a large museum dedicated to his works is located in Okayama city, near the Korakuen Garden, a separate museum chronicling his childhood in Okayama is found near the town of Oku.
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The museum’s curator, Ms. Kojima, has been working hard toward making the Yumeji Seikei more accessible to tourists. Her hope is that more people can experience a more intimate look at the groundbreaking artist’s life.
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For just 500 yen, you can enter his childhood home, see a collection of his work, and look around a replica of his Tokyo home.
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