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I would like to introduce a restaurant in Okayama which serves delicious food.

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It serves a variety of tasty Japanese dishes at reasonable prices in a nice atmosphere. Anyone can be satisfied here. When I have visitors from South Korea, I often take them to this restaurant for lunch.

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The other day, I had an opportunity to try their dinner menu. I was convinced that, for foreign customers, their dinner will be more attractive, so let me talk about it.
Their lunch menu mostly consists of a variety of “Teishoku,” which is a set meal of rice, a main dish of your choice and other side dishes. For dinner, barbecuing over a charcoal fire is available, providing both Japanese taste and atmosphere.

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Just a look at the dishes set all over the table will make you smile. You also have choices of rice, including Okayama’s famous “Chirashi-zushi.”
The restaurant is located about 30 minutes away from Okayama station by bike. I recommend you go and try their food partly for pleasure and partly for relieving lack of exercise.

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