Okayama Okonomiyaki


I’m going to present you one of the oldest Okonomiyaki restaurant in Okayama (more than 20 years).
If it still successful after many years, it’s certainly due to the tasty food and also the owner’s generosity and expert in the Okonomiyaki art.
What I personally enjoy is to watch the boss preparing the food in front of us. Thanks to his experience, he prepares it very fast and that makes it fascinating to watch.
He is very communicative with customers and will be happy to talk with foreigners.
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese speciality which consists in cooking pancake dough on a “teppan” which is a very hot metal plate. With that, you can choose the mix to put inside which can be pieces of meat, seafood, cheese, noodles, udon, vegetables, etc…
The smell and the cooking Okonomiyaki noise make the atmosphere warm and comfortable. Especially during sport event, they will wear shirts to support their team. Moreover he likes to name the food himself with words games that can be funny to guess if you can read Japanese a little!

Even if you are not interested by this restaurant, I definitely recommend you to eat Okonomiyaki in Okayama. Although I ate it in Osaka and Tokyo, my favourite is still Okonomiyaki from this restaurant!

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