Hataike Lake


This is an unknown lake reachable only by prepared hikers. Otherwise you can also go by car :p. Places that we appreciate the most are the ones you sweat water and blood to get there, aren’t they? I propose to present you the wonderful Hataike Lake. It’s a lake located in the Okayama Peninsula, toward the south of Okayama.
You can go by car (~30min) or by bike (~2h) form Okayama station or Okayama Castle. I highly recommend you to use bike if you get one to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in this area and the Asahi River. It’s hard to get lost because you just have to follow the Asahi River which crosses the famous Korakuen and Okayama Castle. Then, you should be in front of a huge red bridge with a cute port (see photo below).
If you ride a bike, this bridge is a sweet viewing point. Then pass through a tunnel, and follow the line below. This area is ancient Japanese life style, and completely different from what you can see in Okayama. When you arrive to the red point, you should walk (~30min) following the right side of the canal. The forest isn’t dense at this place so no worries for sickness from insects or something else.
Most of the lakes are not easily reachable but this one is safe. So don’t forget your stuff for picnic and have a nice moment!
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