Seto Inland See National Park Observatory


Bizen city, located in the eastern part of Okayama prefecture, is surrounded by the sea and the mountains, blessed with beautiful scenery.
Here I would like to introduce one of the spots with a panoramic view;
Yudachi Uukeyama observatory of Seto Inland Sea National Park.

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Yudachi ukeyama is in Honami, Bizen city. It is 209.7 meters high above the sea level, being a part of Seto Inland Sea National Park. There is a story of how the mountain was named. Once upon a time, a farmer made a bonfire, which is called “Sengan Takibi,”in his pray for rain at the summit of the mountain. Then there came “Yudachi,” a sudden shower in Japanese, over the area. Based on this story, the mountain was named “Yudachi ukeyama” (The mountain that received Yudachi.)

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There is a wooden observatory at the summit. Looked over from the observatory, cherry blossom in full bloom in spring, the dark and deep green forest in summer, or fully-colored autumn leaves and reeds would spread across in front of you, depending on the season of your visit.

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The biggest appeal of this observatory is that it provides a panoramic view of the wide-stretching beautiful Seto Inland Sea in harmony with surrounding islands. And you can also see the rosy light of the setting sun in the west, which is another appeal of the observatory.

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If you go by car, drive for 2 to 3 minutes toward Hinse after getting off the Okayama Blue Line at Hinase. Then you will find a way up toward the observatory. After you park at a parking place of the observatory, it is about 800 meters to get to the spot. (No charge for Parking.)

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