Old Yakage Honjin


Yakage is located in the prefecture of Okayama. Not very known from foreigners, it’s a little town with very old traditional houses from the Edo period. I went there, welcomed by local people who try to improve tourism in this area.
They were very nice, they brought me in different places so I got the chance to know this area a little bit more. Getting there is a bit complex but this is part of the adventure!
Plus, the train you have to take is very special!

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So we went to the main street and we started to visit what was a guesthouse for the daimyo during the Edo period. It was the first time I could finally find an authentic place where samuraï and daimyo use to live. It is completely different from castles or so on. It is very authentic.
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After that, we went to different place in the main street and eat lunch. They brought me to a temple outside the town and I was very surprised because there was at least 5 foreigners training for a ceremony. They told me that they retired and came here to find peace. Very good experience though.
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We went to another place and they made me paint a traditional mask.
Last place they brought me was another temple known for is beautiful garden. It was amazing!
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Yakage is not very well known but it is a beautiful place, very calm and peaceful. I highly recommend it for those who love japanese history or those who want to get away from the stress of big cities.

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