“Retoro Marche” / Ryokka Kouen


This is an event that started in 2014. You can enjoy various kinds of food, locally produced vegetables and souvenirs. I made the first visit last year, which has stood out in my memory, so I decided to go again this year.
The venue was at a local shopping street. The area where the street starts had some kind of nostalgic atmosphere from the Showa era, and entertained visitors with some performances.
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Next to the area were stalls for Cambodian curry, Japanese scattered sushi or Tai-yaki in many different flavors. And some other specialties of Okayama such as sweets and drinks were also available at reasonable prices.
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Walking down the Gofuku shopping street, I felt as if I had travelled back to the 1970s. There were the stores showing films using a film projector, playing a phonograph record of the customers’ choice, and making candy crafts. There was also a place where you can dress up as Kiki, a character from Kiki’s Delivery Service. People can take picture of themselves flying on a broomstick as a witch. It was such a memorable day.
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The shopping street is not so long. I walked around and had lunch there. And after that, I headed to Ryokka Park, which is just a 15-minute drive away.
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n the Park, there is a field where the children can play around, and many flowers and trees lining a walking path in the playground. It is just like one in a traditional garden. There is a library as well. I really liked the park. I hope you could visit this park. I’m sure it will make you feel at peace and relaxed.

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