Sci-Pia Okayama Lifelong learning Center


Sci-Pia, located at about 15-minute bicycle ride and close to Ikeda Zoo, organizes many events for scientific experiments. It also provides opportunities to learn about constellations or watch films at their planetarium. There are playgrounds in and outside of the building as well as the library and a restaurant. This is the place where your family can enjoy spending a meaningful time together.
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What are particularly impressive are playground slides such as a dinosaur-shaped slide and a long and spinning slide, both surrounded in nature.
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They hold events for various scientific experiments almost every weekend. When I visited there, I was able to participate in an experiment to blow off solar-heating balloons. And I also had a chance to touch the ice from the Antarctic reason and try to hear the sound of it melting. Those were the experiences you cannot have so often.
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