Beer Garden.


If you hear the term “summer” in Japan, many of you might be reminded of so-called “Beer Garden.”
ビアーガーデン1 ビアーガーデン2
This is an open-air restaurant where you can enjoy beer or cocktails as well as nice and cool breeze together with your friends. Food is also served. Beer Gardens are something unique to Japan.
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In Okayama, you can find typical Beer Gardens on the rooftops of Tenmaya and Takashimaya department stores from May to September every year.
I visited the one on Takashimaya with my family. The prices vary depending on when you go, and can be relatively lower until the beginning of May.
At Takashimaya Beer garden, there are some playground equipment for children, making the place enjoyable even for children. Relaxing atmosphere is created so that people can relax staying there for a drink.
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There are a variety of beers available, and you can order your original cocktails.
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Personally, I find Tenmaya Beer Garden provides a good quality of food while Takashimaya, being located close to Okayama station and easily accessible, is a place you can take your children to have fun together.
How about tasting Japanese summer culture at a Beer Garden on a sunny day?
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