Herb tea served at Nakazaki-tei


Nakazaki-tei, a traditional residence in Bizen Fukuoa, which dates back to Taisho-era, was restored five years ago. A lot of artifacts from Nakazaki’s collection are displayed. The residence is in the countryside, being filled with fresh and clear air, which makes the place very comfortable. We have been trying to figure out how we could make this place more enjoyable so that many people would be attracted to come to gather here. And then we have come to an idea of utilizing its backyard as a herb garden. We grow herbs in the garden, and make herb tea from our harvest to be served here. In the old Europe, Manner houses or monasteries used to keep gardens specifically for medical herbs for therapeutic purpose. Many people there still grow herbs at home. Medical herbs have been used for remedial reasons in Japan as well. Aloes or gingers are commonly used here to prevent people from catching cold in many households.
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This is a part of a project called “Bizen Fukuoka Traditional Residence Revitalizing Project.” I, Collu Raffaele, Hasegawa-san from Herb & Spice drie, and Nakanishi-san from café Etoile have collaborated on this garden. Our purpose is to provide people with an opportunity to closely look at or touch herbs. And we also would like people to share such direct experiences on herbs together with neighbors and friends, and study the effects and the usage of herbs. You can enjoy tasting of the herb tea from drie as well as a little tour of Nakazaki-tei.
We hope all of you will get to know more about the attractiveness of herbs.
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Event Information
Time and Date: From 11:00 to 12:30
Saturday, June 2nd,
Cost: 500 yen (Admission fee to Nakazaki-tei together with tasting of herb tea)
Place: 688 Fukuoka, Osafune-cho, Setouchi-city, Okayama prefecture

For further information, leave a message on this page or call at 086-230-4888

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