I went to visit Sogenji (temple) to participate in a tea ceremony. It was my first visit.
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It is a little far from the Okayama city center with a special atmosphere.
Take a Ryobi bus bound for Saidaiji via Higashi-yama. Get off at “Sogenji-mae” stop. Five-minute walk from the bus stop will take you to Sogenji.

Sogenji surely makes you feel surrounded by tranquility of the nature.
It stands still at the foot of the mountain, where the forest remains unspoiled and abundantly blessed with nature.

Strolling around the premise of the temple will make you feel calm and relaxed as if time stopped. I myself found it an amazing experience to enjoy a tea ceremony in an atmosphere like this.
Many of the monks there are foreign nationals. You might be able to happen to see them performing a chanting on your visit.

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