Strawberry Picking at Kibi Farm Pika Pika


A fun strawberry picking experience is only a 30 minute bus ride away from Okayama station. The place to go is called Kibi Farm Pika Pika. It’s a family run business that produces some of the finest varieties of strawberries in Japan.
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A 30 minute picking experience costs 1300 yen, but you can easily eat a week’s worth of strawberries within that time. There are various greenhouses that produce different types of strawberries (from pure white strawberries to ones that are so red, even the seeds turn crimson).
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Though most of the staff at Kibi Farm Pika Pika do not speak English, they are all incredibly welcoming and explain the guidelines of strawberry picking in a clear manner.
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One surprising trivia from the trip was that you’re supposed to eat strawberries from the white tops first. Apparently the bottom tips of the strawberries are the sweetest, so eating the less sweet base first will make for a tastier experience.
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Kibi Farm Pika is only open to the public from Christmas until the end of May, so drop on by during the cold to enjoy flavors that remind you of summer.
2378-1 Haga, Kita-ku, Okayama 701-1221, Okayama Prefecture

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