Korakuen November Illumination Nights


Every year, during mid to late November, Korakuen Garden extends their closing time to 8:30pm so that guests may enjoy beautifully lit ornaments and illuminations.
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By this time of year the fall foliage is in full bloom and the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows can be seen throughout the night thanks to the lanterns spread around the garden and castle area.
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They have small, decorated umbrellas on display near the north entrance of Korakuen, which were made by local elementary school students. Other larger umbrellas (of all types of colors) are also neatly scattered across the main lawn. The lit up decorations give the garden a romantic and almost spiritual feel.
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The fall illumination period is one of many unique and beautiful events that occur at Korakuen during the year. So if you’re in the Okayama area in mid to late November, please come check it out (and dress warmly!)

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