Missing Sparrow Art event at the Nakazaki House


Last week I had the chance to visit Nakazaki House in Osafune that hosts Bizen Fukuoka Art Koji Event “Missing Sparrow”. Three artists, Shimizu Naoto (1980), Aoi Atsushi (1983) and Collu Raffaele (1976), taking inspiration from the paintings of the Nakazaki’s collection create new contemporary artworks. The exhibition concept consists in giving a new life to the sparrows painted in the Higashihara Ousen (an extremely talented painter born in Osafune in the late nineteenth century) artworks. Shimizu’s work is an art installation, dozens of small white birds inside the rooms and in the garden engaged in a dialogue with the traditional paintings and the various objects of the house. Aoi, a wood print artist, holds a print workshop (of sparrows of course) and Collu painted a big wall artwork just in front of Nakazaki house. The aim of this exhibition is to give a new interpretation to the classic works while trying to create a sort of continuity between the space inside and outside the house.
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The 25th of February in the mornig there will take place the Marionette Show“Ippen Shounin Monogatari”inspired by the illustrated chronicles of the wandering monk “Ippen Shounin Eden”. Definetely worth a visit.
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Opening 14th January 2018
Saturday and Sunday 20-21 January 27-28 January 3-4 February 10-11 February 24-25 February
from 10.00 to 15.00
14th January 3 February 25 February

Entrance fee 200 Yen
Workshop and Marionette show free.

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