The birthplace of Japanese Jeans – Visit to Jeans Museum in Kojima No. 1


The name of Kojima, which does not seem to be so well-known to Chinese tourists, is often heard when you do some research on Japanese products of denim. Kojima is the birthplace of Japan-made Jeans. On a visit to Kojima, you can see shining waves on the sea, the blue of the sea and the sky, refreshing breeze from the sea, magnificent Seto Ohashi Bridge connecting small islands, shell-shaped sea form following an excursion ship. You can look around the Jeans shops and purchase what you like. No doubt that this small town will become a new tourist destination. The cheerful excitement of the trip took out some trivial bothering of daily lives from our head and washed them away into the bubbles of the ship.
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Kojima is a town along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. Kojima station is located in the address of 1, Kurashiki Ekimae, Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture. The most interesting thing about the station is that it is shared with the line of JR West (which is in Honshu) and that of JR Shikoku. The station is, among other stations on the line of JR Shikoku, the closest one to the JR line in Honshu. JR is very convenient means for transportation.
With only a short distance to the north, you will step into the Kinki-region. And going further south from here will lead you to a travel around the mysterious sites in Shikoku.
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The major production site of “Momotaro Jeans” is in Kojima, a port town in Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture. This town is the Japan’s first production site of Japan-made “Jee-pan” or Jeans, so later referred to as “the holy land of Jeans”. Kojima used to flourish as a textile town. People planted cotton in the reclaimed land, and produced Sanada-himo, a string to be wound around the haft of a sword, since Edo era, and then, “Tabi,” socks to be worn in Kimono outfit, since Meiji era. The Kojima textile industry had its peak after the end of the war by producing school uniforms. In the early 1960s, BIG JOHN (formerly MARUO) was the first company to produce Jeans in Japan. Their sewing machine technology applied to sew thick cotton called canvas has transformed Kojima. It has become not only a production site of school uniforms but also a major production site of Cowboy cotton cloth. Kojima now attracts people in Jeans industry and Jeans fans not only from other parts of Japan but also all over the world.

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