The People and History of Bizen


The mere mention of ‘Bizen’ and people will usually associate the name with pottery,(it’s rich history can be tied to Sue pottery from the Heian period in the 6th century) or the Shizutani Gakko,(from it’s original beginnings, starting in 1666, its name was ‘Ki-dani’ ,meaning ‘quiet and peaceful valley’)
People may not be aware but the ‘Bizen Province’ has a long and vast history, starting as far back as the Wado Era (713)
There was a time when Bizen flourished as one of Japan’s major producers of Japanese swords ~ the Katana (long sword) and the Wakizashi (short sword) ~dating back a thousand years,Bizen was one of Japan’s main centers for sword smithing. One can easily learn more at the Osafune Sword Museum.
Bizen passed through a variety of hands during the Edo period before being incorporated into the modern prefecture system.
Noted ‘artisans’ and ‘novelists’ have come from this beautiful part of the country. Renowned potter, Kaneshige Toyo,noted novelist Hakucho Masamune,as well as his younger brother, waka poet Masamune Atsuo. (it was decided that the birthplace of Masumune be turned into a museum – which one can view in Imbe)
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