I visited Houfukuji Shrine in Soja City today, in hopes of experiencing the deepening autumn.

Houfukuji has structures that are representative of Zensh醇液eiin (Zen-style building), such as the shichido garan (seven major structures in a temple compound) and sanju-toh (three-storied pagoda). These elegantly built structures are the second oldest structures in Okayama Prefecture.

It was wonderful to be in a facility where I could see structures with rich historical background.

Houfukuji Shrine is also famous as a place where Sesshu, the most prominent Japanese master of ink and wash painting, trained as a child. On display is a trace of the legendary painting of a mouse he drew with his tears, which is very popular amongst calligraphers, artists, and history-lovers.

At Zenshuteiin, you can experience zazen, or seated meditation, on second Sunday of every month.

How about a moment of self-reflection in this historic space?


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