Delicious dish at hideaway restaurants in Maniwa


It is the season when the crops having enriched the fields now come to be harvested to fill up the barns. And it is also the time for our appetite to be filled up! Maniwa city, located in the northern part of Okayama prefecture, is blessed with rich mountains and pure water. Let me introduce some of the specialties served at not-generally known hideaway places in Maniwa.

This is a special lunch menu featuring “Yuba” at Hakujyuan, a restaurant serving a variety of tofu dishes. “Yuba” is a thin skin pulled up from the surface of heated soymilk, and can be used in various kinds of dishes.
Hiruzen Height is the most spacious plateau in western Japan.
Hiruzen fried noodle won first place at the B-grade Gourmet Grand competition. It is cooked with the miso-based source that is rich in aroma,

How about a cup of coffee at a nice café after the meal? It serves coffee made from water taken from Shiogama Reisen, a cold mineral spring designated as one of the one hundred exquisite waters of Japan.

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